Image production

We bring pictures to life

Only pros with an understanding of images, an eye for art and technical finesse know how to compose motifs with emotion and advertising effectiveness from photos. You wish to make pictures come to life, give them their own personality, attract attention with exceptional presentations, or provoke? Challenge us – we enjoy making the best out of it!

Our services in the area of image production:

  • Post-production
  • Refining & finishing photos of products
  • CGI / 3D-modelling
  • Composing
  • Quality-management
  • Developing photo guidelines
  • Photo support (monitoring and controlling the production of photos)

Reality or perfect staging?

Post-production, composing and refining
You believe that exceptional and unique photos can only be realised at great effort and high costs, such as taking photographs of a product in different environments and versions. We can get it done easier, quicker and cheaper. From exceptional product staging to expressive collages and surreal visual imagery – we always work creatively, with an assured sense of style and a distinct feel for your ideas, perfectly coordinated in terms of both looks and colours. With our refinement, we guarantee a personal touch and an unmistakable visual statement. Our aim: to put the statement made by each image in a nutshell.

CGI – Computer Generated Imagery
You wish to present unusual ideas clearly, introduce products which are not available yet or you are still in the development phase? With CGI we can make the invisible visible, and the non-existing become reality. We take your idea and use it to develop a virtual 3D object that looks as though it's been photographed. With scribbles, illustrations, technical drawings and CAD data we prepare deceptively real-looking models so they can be staged in any imaginable environment. This enables you to present products in a photo-realistic quality that does not even exist yet. Trust in our yearlong experience and competence in the technology branch, where we prepare CDI productions from new technical developments on a regular basis.