Catalogue concept & production

For over 40 years, MADELEINE has been a mail order specialist for women’s fashion and accessories all over the world. MADELEINE has developed from a classic catalogue retailer to a modern mail order service provider. STAUDACHER has been a partner for many years and ensures, among other things, the smooth production of the international catalogues – print and digital.



Our services

Consulting, production of print catalogue, international adaptations, software development / scoopOS, process optimisation, and project management.


Since 1994


Even in the digital age, loyal customers cherish the renowned MADELEINE print catalogue. More than a mere list of available products, it can be read like a fashion magazine, providing offline inspiration. Purchases are then made swiftly and directly online.

The catalogue brings MADELEINE’s versatile product range to life. STAUDACHER plays a key role in the print catalogue production process – in print and as a digital flip catalogue – and highlights the fashion items as well as accessories in the best way possible. For up to ten collections per year, STAUDACHER is a valued partner, helping with technical support for shootings over creative briefs to editing text and images.


STAUDACHER accompanies the entire process from the initial idea to the final print. Tailored tools and software solutions ensure a good project overview and efficient, lean processes. MADELEINE uses scoopOS for its entire product information and media asset management, for sample management – including tools – to work with and personalise looks. The MADELEINE catalogue is published in eleven languages, with STAUDACHER accounting for the adaptation and translation process.


STAUDACHER has been working closely with MADELEINE for almost 30 years. In a spirit of trust and partnership, we accompany large transformations as well as small measures, scrutinise existing and develop new processes, always providing a fresh, innovative view from the outside. We look forward to mastering many more exciting projects to come.

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