AURA has been offering holistic office concepts and modern workspaces for over 30 years and is well-established in northern Bavaria. Customers can experience the concept of idealised, modern office spaces in the company's headquarters, which is used as a showroom. STAUDACHER effectively transposes the atmospheric, innovative exhibitions into digital space with great attention to detail.


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AURA stands for innovative, adaptable interior concepts that are tailored to the individual needs of workers and the requirements of companies. Always one step ahead of the times, AURA regularly updates the interior design and layout of the offices, which also serve as a showroom. With professional interior photography, STAUDACHER succeeds in bringing versatile room concepts to life in 2D.

Passion for Detail

Office spaces designed by AURA are not just functional. The outfitter is much more interested in creating places where people enjoy working. From the suitable table and ergonomic designer chair to the pen holder and the choice of cushion covers – for AURA, the secret of a good working environment lies in the attention to detail. STAUDACHER captures this with precise images and brings even the smallest things into focus. Customers can also immerse themselves in AURA’s innovative working worlds on the website and be inspired by the multifaceted presentation.

Atmospheric Images

To allow the quality, exclusivity and flexibility of the AURA working environments to be digitally experienced, all objects must be realistically depicted and details such as surfaces and materials must be recognisable. STAUDACHER’s retouching expertise, gained over decades, adds the finishing touches to high-quality photographic images. Small disturbances are balanced out, lighting moods are adapted to the ambience and details are emphasised. This emphasises all of the surface textures, materials, shapes and other special features and makes the world more tangible. An all-around atmospheric result.

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