Virtual Showroom

Special times call for special appearances. The annual trade fair “Küchenmeile” also took place digitally for the first time in 2020. To present the kitchen trends and top technologies of the AEG brand in virtual space, STAUDACHER developed the virtual showroom THEATRUM 360 and made the high-quality products in it appealing as well as interactive to experience.



Our services

Concept and technical realisation of the digital showroom, 360-degree photography, stitching and retouching, creation and optimisation of additional content.



The Stunning new gateway

The digital showroom is a detailed replica of the real showroom at the trade fair. In addition, it contains additional solutions for interactive product experiences. When designing the showroom, particular attention was paid to user-friendly navigation throughout the rooms. A live guided tour enables a virtual journey with several participants through the showroom. The entire product range is virtually accessible and can be viewed from all angles. Touchpoints can be used to call up further information and details on products, e.g., in short video clips.

A 360° Brand Experience

In the complex 360-degree photographs, the products are depicted with high attention to detail. The panoramas’ high quality enables a zoom function and detailed views. Materials, surfaces, and technical refinements are sharply reflected in the photographs created by STAUDACHER as well as in the overall premium look and feel of the virtual AEG showroom.

The virtual showroom is used to network with each other irrespective of time and place. From conception to photography, content creation and post-production to technical implementation, it is an impressive body of work from STAUDACHER. It raises the AEG product and brand experience to a new level – a highlight of the trade fair and far beyond.

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