We don't want to be one of the biggest, but we definitely want to be one of the best in everything we do.

Media service or advertising agency? Photo studio and creative retouching for your fashion, living and beauty production? You're looking for a full-service partner with an equal understanding of brand marketing and sales promotion? A partner to provide you with service modules or to reliably and quickly take care of all your media productions?

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International Arbour Day –
we celebrate our STAUDACHER logo!

On 25th of April is international Arbour Day! The perfect day to tell you the story and philosophy of our logo: the STAUDACHER tree. Each part of our tree represents a characteristic corporate value of STAUDACHER. The symbolism behind the roots, the trunk, the branches and the treetop is explained here. To celebrate our STAUDACHER logo, we are giving away ten very personal hand-charmer with an individual tree horoscope. Join now – until 30th of April only!


STAUDACHER since 1976 –
we are proud of it!

The 40s of today are the 20s of the past! And that's how we feel. We can count on 40 years of experience, but possess the inexhaustible energy and creative passion of a 20-year-old. Let our wild ideas infect you! However, the 40 years have not come by themselves – our loyal customers and partners have made a significant contribution to this. We would like to thank you especially for this and look forward to the next 40 years. Be sure, it never gets boring with us!


Effectively, transparently, creatively, competently, innovatively and reliably – this is how we work. Profound knowledge, experience and curiosity, creativity and innovation - this is what you get. Carried out as concepts, database models or an efficient implementation of a tangible print product.

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Many have ideas – we want to be challenged! CREATION, the name says it all – our work is highly creative and features individual designs, particularly in this area.

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Content is King – Content must be impressive. The solution is not to simply continue to produce more; instead it's about producing the right things right. Content, whether as images or texts, must attract, fascinate and convince your target group.

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Database development, PIM systems, online and mobile applications – we will find the best solution for your company. We develop the software you need. We will also gladly assume responsibility for hosting, and will cooperate with you as a reliable consultant, available at any time. Our aim is to come up with a custom-made solution to simplify and streamline your business processes.

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As individual as you, your range and your target group. We will cooperate with you in developing ideal concepts – from person-to-person and professional-to-professional. We will give you sound, professional advice, extending far beyond an online calculation. It all starts with a dialogue.

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Consistently simple – we make your working life easier! Making processes more streamlined and efficient - that's scoop. Best of Breed or Best of Suite – we will come up with and develop the best overall concept for your processes and products!

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Our team of consultants, advertising specialists, graphic designers, media designers, IT specialists, print technicians and engineers will show your products at their best.

Communication and design are our core competences. Controlling and budgeting are the basis of business success, and thus also an essential element of our expertise.

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This is how we work

  • effectively
  • transparently
  • creatively
  • competently
  • innovatively
  • reliably
  • cooperative
  • forward-looking


We certainly want to be one of the best in everything we do. This motto is what drives us personally and professionally. We don't beat about the bush, we get things done - effectively, transparently, creatively, competently, innovatively and reliably!

You can trust the competence we have built up over many years to guarantee precise procedures and consistently focus on successful implementation. The long-standing loyalty with which many customers and partners have rewarded and motivated us for many years now is the result of this commitment on our part.

We'd be delighted to prove this to you!

What successful customers have to say

Anyone who succeeds will know that you need more than the right strategy nowadays
- you also need the right partner.