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18. August 2020
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28. October 2020

In the spotlight with professional photos & videos

In the spotlight with professional photos & videos

Impress with quality, authenticity & creativity

One of the most important factors for a successful marketing campaign is visual communication. The key to attention are visuals. Pictures and videos catch the eye, are taken with one glance and stay in mind for a long time. Especially in Content Marketing, Online Stores and Social Media, high-quality images and videos are more in demand than ever – not only of products and services but also of the company or brand itself.
What about you? Are you already well-positioned?

Put yourself in the spotlight!

1. Become Creative

Whether looks-full-fitted, stills, on-model, lay-downs, hollowman or masking – prove variety, individuality, innovation and creativity to always offer your customers something new. You need ideas or complete photo concepts? We are here for you and provide inspiration for online or print.


2. Evoke Emotions

3. Strengthen your Brand Image

Individuality and recognition value are required here. With the right presence of photos and videos and a consistent Corporate Design, the enterprise philosophy can be communicated, the brand image optimally conveyed and the quality of the services and products clarified. Correctly produced and used, visuals are the perfect way to stand out from the competitors and position oneself in the market. In addition, a consistent look and feel of the CD transmitts professionalism and stringency.

4. All-In-One

Tell your customers what you want to say and convey all necessary information ideally with just one picture or video. Users can grasp the most important information at a glance and process it quickly. In addition, there is more commitment to watch a short video than to read longer texts. The visual trend continues to grow, long blog articles or verbose landingpages without image support are becoming increasingly unpopular.

5. Show Products & Details

Only with high quality photography can your products be perfectly presented. High-resolution images with zoom function are part of an optimal online presence – if all informations and details of the product are visible, prospects and customers rather tend to buy it.

6. Move Pictures

Videos are in greater demand than ever. The use of videos has increased significantly: According to the ARD/ZDF online study 26 percent of the total population uses moving images on a daily basis, among 14 to 29 year-olds even more than half. Internet users are flooded with content – the solution to stand out and be noticed is cleverly placed and high-quality videos or animations. Extensive topics can be presented optimally, videos entertain, storytelling is on the rise, and in search engine rankings websites with video content are rated higher. Whether product videos, tutorials, advertising, or image films – move your images and thus your customers!


By 2021,
video will account for
an overwhelming majority
of internet traffic.


Emotional images sway people more
than emotional words.



In our own STAUDACHER photo studio your products can be put in the true light. Whether on-model-shootings, jewelry photography, product photography, videography or CGI: We implement your ideas professionally and take care of everything in our full-service manner. From the set design, the selection of photographers and booking of models, make-up artists and stylists to logistics, project management and high-end retouching – everything from one source. In your STAUDACHER PHOTOGRAPHY studio 📸❤️
For image data management you can use our in-house developed framework scoopOS. With the cases #PIM and #MAM you can easily route all images and videos to any channel and manage all image data in one place. More information is available here.

Let's make great pictures!