2. February 2021

AZUBI Kampagne

Du willst die Firma mal ordentlich aufmischen? Du willst Kompetenz verkörpern, die nachwächst? Du willst die Zukunft mitgestalten? Du bist kreativ, kommunikativ, teamfähig und hast das Herz am rechten Fleck? Bring Dich ein, sei die Veränderung und ein wichtiger, frischer Teil des Teams. Werde zum/r STAUDI!
28. January 2021


COVID-19 affects every company's advertising strategy and planning. That is why it is now time to rethink the media at hand. Print creates what is not possible by digital media: direct contact. But the potentials are only fully exploited through a certain combination.
12. January 2021

Ein fabelhaft buntes und kreatives 2021 wünscht STAUDACHER

2020 – Was soll man dazu noch groß sagen? Das letzte Jahr war ein etwas anderes Jahr und hat uns vor große Herausforderungen gestellt. Doch genug davon! Vor uns liegt ein neues Jahr. Ein Jahr, das hoffentlich voller Zuversicht, Zusammenhalt, Glück und Gesundheit sein wird! Unser Neujahrsgruß für Dich …
18. December 2020

Christmas but different

What a year – and what a Christmas season. This time, everything is different than we are used to it. We have summarized a few little things for you to lift your spirits, increase awareness and mindfulness and make the holiday season beautiful and contemplative in spite of everything. Here's to new traditions, to rethinking, to new ways together!
30. November 2020

Chang Min Lee by STAUDACHER

The artist Chang Min Lee paints large-format wild animals, which are colorful and bizarrely staged. His creative artwork can be discovered in our STAUDACHER Art Calendar 2021!
26. November 2020

See | Think | Do | Care – The steps to success

Your potential customers experience different phases of the purchase decision process, in which of course different dimensions of interaction and information are necessary: See, Think, Do and Care.
26. November 2020

See | Think | Do | Care – Die Stufen zum Erfolg

Deine potenziellen Kunden durchlaufen verschiedene Phasen des Kaufentscheidungsprozesses, in welchen selbstverständlich unterschiedliche Dimensionen von Interaktion und Information notwendig sind: See, Think, Do und Care.
19. November 2020

eCommerce Day – Recap

STAUDACHER was co-organizer of the first remote eCommerce Day. Six companies took the Nuremberg Digital Festival as an opportunity to present a whole day of concentrated eCommerce know-how. Inspiration, insights and lots of experience were shared with the participants on Hopin.
28. October 2020

Save the Date: The eCommerce Day on November 11th

As part of the Nürnberg Digital Festival REMOTE, a focus day on eCommerce will take place for the first time. Six established companies will bring concentrated power for more inspiration, insights and exchange in sessions on the topic of eCommerce.
20. October 2020

In the spotlight with professional photos & videos

One of the most important factors for a successful marketing campaign is visual communication: the key tool for generating attention are visuals. Images and videos catch the eye, are captured at first glance and remain in the memory for a long time. How to arouse the curiosity of your interested parties and customers …
21. September 2020

Die STAUDI Altstadtfest-Wochen

Aufgrund von COVID-19 kann das 50-jährige Jubiläum des Nürnberger Altstadtfestes leider nicht stattfinden. Das lassen wir uns jedoch nicht gefallen! Wir haben uns als Ersatz etwas ganz Besonderes einfallen lassen!
21. July 2020

Currently on a mental vacation

Summer at home – and in a good mood! Send eCards to your friends now and spread a sunny mood ☀️
18. August 2020

You can’t grouse the world a better place!

Summer at home – and in a good mood! Send eCards to your friends now and spread a sunny mood ☀️
21. July 2020

Summer, sun, watermelon!

Summer at home – and in a good mood! Send eCards to your friends now and spread a sunny mood ☀️
21. July 2020

This is not a heatwave anymore, it’s a toowarmi!

Sommer zuhause – und zwar mit guter Laune! Versende jetzt eCards an deine Freunde und verbreite sommerliche Stimmung ☀️
21. July 2020

Summer 2020 – STAUDACHER staycation

We are in the COVID-19 summer right now and everything is different this year. Many had to cancel their planned summer vacation or did not even book... It's staycation-time in 2020! To make your summer at home unforgettable, STAUDACHER has collected the best tips and tricks for you.
21. July 2020

Why does the beach live so far away?

Summer at home – and in a good mood! Send eCards to your friends now and spread a sunny mood ☀️
4. June 2020

Happy Asparagus Time

Everything we create, edit or develop at STAUDACHER comes from our heart. With a great deal of love and passion, we always try to achieve the best results in the best quality. This is also the case with our STAUDACHER premium asparagus: planted with love, raised with passion and harvested to make our customers happy as the best Franconian asparagus in the best quality. Today we would like to give you a look behind the scenes at STAUDACHER and tell you our Asparagus Love Story. Our story about the origin of what we believe to be the best asparagus in the world ...
30. March 2020

Festival or home office

Send good vibes and motivation to your friends, family or collegues! Click and spread high spirits – have fun ❤️