27. March 2020

STAUDACHER is there for you

The coronavirus (COVID-19) and its effects occupy our society on an unprecedented scale. The COVID 19 pandemic affects all of us. It affects the health of people we care about, partners and companies we work with, the stability of our systems, the entire global economy and our daily lives. We as STAUDACHER would like to be there for you especially during this time, to offer and also ensure you our support. We have already taken a number of arrangements for this purpose, which we would like to share with you.
14. January 2020

Marketing Preview 2020

Indeed, the new year has started – it's high time to tackel the learnings of the old year and to focus your attention on the new trends. What will happen in our commerce world in 2020? We prepared an overview of the trends for 2020.
25. October 2018

Perspectives on print in the digital age

Perspectives on print in the digital age. We share the opinion of our successful customers that the intelligent and creative cross channels mix is the key and makes the difference. Print is of great significance in this process. It is not dead despite the increasing digitalization and can be an essential part of the solution!
11. April 2018

The international Arbour Day – the celebration of our STAUDACHER-tree!

25th of April – The international Arbour Day is the perfect day to tell you the story and philosophy of our logo, the STAUDACHER tree.