Christmas but different
18. December 2020


Inspiration and contact with distance – the priority of print

We can't hear it any more – "COVID-19" and the associated circumstances. And also the phrase "We can't hear it any more". But it is a fact that the current events have an impact on every company's marketing strategy and planning. At the moment, it seems that the focus of marketing and sales is exclusively on digital touchpoints in order to reach customers, to continue to market products optimally and to master the new barriers that have arisen. But let's think a little further – how is it possible to stand out from the enormous mass of online advertising and create proximity despite distance?

Use print as a secret weapon. In the current situation, the potential and importance of print media are totally underestimated. Most marketers focus exclusively on online media. But print has many advantages and a positive impact right now: Users take more time, which is more available than ever due to the lockdown situation. Print exists, can be haptically perceived and thus establish contact. Print can be the medium to continue to have a good connection to customers and to remain positively in their memory. Due to lockdown, home office and exit restrictions, mediums of this kind are becoming more and more important.

The benefits of print

The key criteria of print

Improve these three criteria to make your print activities more successful:

  • CREATION: From the strategy to the look & feel to innovative surprises: Creativity always wins and captivates as an eye-catcher. Stand out from the crowd
  • CONTENT: It is important to know your target group precisely in order to provide a tailored approach and to offer added value, inspiration and impulses. Speak the language of your customers.
  • PROCESS: Above all, of course, is the overall process. Only when project management and workflows are transparent and efficient can optimal quality be achieved. Transparency and consistency is the key.

Impulses for your optimal marketing mix

Awaken the potentials

In general, print media are used very well to a first impulse for dialogue, and above all they provide inspiration and incentives to buy – but as an only monomedial advertising medium they are not (or no longer) effective. The interaction with other channels is necessary. For example, online media can provide more in-depth information about a specific product and opportunities to conclude a purchase.

Combine the best of both worlds, highlight the advantages of each channel and fully exploit the potential of symbiosis.

Mix it, Baby!

Customer loyalty can be optimised if there is an approachable and transparently presence in the cross-channel – online and offline. The right combination of channel and medium, tailored to the phase within the customer journey and to the respective target group is a must have.

Examples are VR features, printed QR codes or links to social media channels. Bring your virtual brand to life in the real world – it makes your brand authentic, convincing and stand out.

The focus on cross-media communication

A professional marketing mix is once again the be-all and end-all: It is important to use the potential of the different channels and media and to combine them in a meaningful way. Especially in these days, it is important to be accessible to customers on all touchpoints and to get in contact with them.

In so doing you can create sustainable and authentic contact at a distance and increase customer loyalty and retention as well as the value of your brand.

You need inspiration, ideas or a mature strategy for your cross-channel marketing mix?

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