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25. October 2018

The international Arbour Day – the celebration of our STAUDACHER-tree!

25th of April – The international Arbour Day

We are celebrating our STAUDACHER logo!

The international Arbour Day is the perfect day to tell you the story and philosophy of our logo, the STAUDACHER tree. We want to celebrate this day with you and give away 10 hand charmer matching your Celtic tree horoscope. Back in the day, trees had a special place in the Celtic culture. The Celtic Druids gave each tree its own quality and meaning. They also noticed that, when a child is born in a certain month of their tree calender, it would develop certain qualities. It became Celtic Tree Astrology. Have you heard about the Celtic Tree Horoscope? Do you know your individual life tree? We were very surprised how true these tree characters are...

Why did we choose a tree for our logo as a media service provider?

The individual parts of the tree should symbolise our typical characteristics. The STAUDACHER tree as logo represents our group of companies. The tree allegorically unites the values which we believe in and which distinguish our work: diversity, down-on-earth nature, guarantee & stability, open-mindedness.

Above all the branches makes STAUDACHER so special: Our diversity makes us unique – both in humaneness and in our services. Humanly, because many experts in all media areas work together under our umbrella and the right contact person can be found for each individual customer. Whatever we do, we do it out of conviction and have fun doing it. Our diverse services completely cover media production. We live to make you and your company more successful. So why employ different service providers when media production can be effectively planned, coordinated, organised, carried out and followed up by one partner from start to finish? We take care of everything; feel yourself in good hands!
We convince you - we only need one chance!

So, did you recognize your qualities and characteristics? :-)

Our gift for you – it's worth being fast!

Simply enter your name and e-mail address and select your appropriate tree species below. Among all participants we'll draw 10 people who'll receive their personal hand charmer.
Only until 30th April 2018 – join now!

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We wish you a very happy Arbour Day!