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20. October 2020
eCommerce Day – Recap
19. November 2020

Save the Date: The eCommerce Day on November 11th

The Commerce Day on November 11th 💛

One day. Six companies. Concentrated knowledge. Save the Date!

This year, the NÜRNBERG DIGITAL FESTIVAL will be launched as a remote edition! From November 09 - 17, digital sessions on business, tech and society will be offered. The eCOMMERCE DAY on November 11th will also take place in this context – THE day with concentrated know-how about online trade. Six established companies from the Nuremberg metropolitan region offer concentrated power for more inspiration, insights and exchange around the topic of eCommerce. Experienced speakers will provide exciting topics from the Nuremberg eCommerce scene and beyond.


Why organize individual sessions when concentrated know-how makes so much more sense? Why should we think competitively, when a fusion can provide so much more input? Something completely new has emerged from these very thoughts:

Netlogix, mr. pixel, Gigatec, Nexum, Websale & STAUDACHER proudly present the first eCOMMERCE DAY on November 11th! From 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., workshops, cases and specialist lectures will be available, offering practical information on current trends in online trade and digital transformation, accompanied by networking in a relaxed "home atmosphere".


STAUDACHER will be present with a customer story and a speech:
Virtual Showrooms – let the show begin
10:00 - 10:45 am

Show off your products 2020-style. What if customers could virtually visit your showroom anytime and anywhere in the future? What if your customers could inform themselves about your products on their own? What if you had your own virtual showroom? We tell you why you should definitely pursue this idea! In our session we would like to present you the basics, possible applications and chances of a virtual showroom by using a customer story.
You can find the information here.
Content is king but strategy is queen – how to rock your marketing campaigns & turn your customers into fans
04:00 - 04:45 pm

SEE, THINK, DO, CARE are the stages of a campaign that your customers also climb in the social media channels during the Customer Journey. Using various practical cases, we show you which campaigns and media formats make the most sense at which stage. Of course, content is still king, but only with the right strategy will your customers become fans. Let us convince you: Strategy is Queen!
You can find the information here.


It was the wish of every organizer to make the event accessible for every interest group and knowledge level. Thus, a lecture or workshop should be offered for each role and topic. In between the formats, opportunities to participate in Q&A sessions and networking formats await you. The goal is of course not to lose the festival character of #NUEDIGITAL and to offer a platform for exchange, interaction and networking.

Our highlights:

  • The lecture by mr. Pixel "Rocket growth - Houston do we have a problem?!" for pilots, startups and medium-sized businesses.
  • Gigatec deals with the topic of "Why B2B eCommerce is more than just simply issuing net prices in the store" for B2B store operators.
  • Websale provides a RoundTable "How to: relaunch" for Product Manager and Strategists.
  • "Panoptic Data" – a presentation for Techies, Product Owner & Project Manager of Nexum.
  • Netlogix provides a use case: "Challenges between eCommerce and stationary trade".
  • Stefan Peter Roos will lead through the whole event and contribute a lecture on "SEO in eCommerce".

We are very much looking forward to the exciting program and an interesting interaction! Click here for the whole program.


The complete day ticket for the eCommerce Day is 5€. Included are the registration on Hopin, the participation in all cases, lectures and workshops of the eCommerce Day and creative networking opportunities.


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