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Marketing Preview 2020

Marketing preview for 2020!

Where to keep an eye on in the new year…

Indeed, the new year has started – it's high time to tackel the learnings of the old year and to focus your attention on the new trends. What will happen in our commerce world in 2020? Which will be the most essential tropics? Which new tides will come up and which of these tides should we keep in view? And above all, what do our customers expect?

Trends, trends, trends

Of course, it is always difficult to make a concrete statement in the fast pace of the digital age – but trends and technologies take time to manifest themselves. Just as customers need time to accept them. Moreover, a trend can only be established by dealing with it and repetition.

We prepared an overview of the trends for 2020.


Give your company a PURPOSE! For what purpose does the company exist? What is its object and what does it stand for? A clearly defined raison d'être is important for the employees – it humanises companies and unites stakeholders. The be-all and end-all is the authenticity of the purpose. It is the basic for professional brand development. It creates a differentiation from the competitors, increases employee satisfaction and customer loyalty. The result is demonstrably growth and higher market shares. It is important to convey to the customer what your company wants to represent and what it wants to embody. It is the key to build a deeper connection with them. Today's customers emphasise companies with a message – in times of market saturation you have to offer identification material to stand out.

Our tip for 2020
Question the purpose of your company again. Does it still fit, is it lived sustainably and is it visible for your customer?


It’s time to get real! Living and celebrating diversity is important in a company. There are diverse characters from different backgrounds in every company and this should be seen and celebrated as an absolute advantage! Age, gender, disabilities, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation: whatever it is about. Diversity management is a part of human resources management and is becoming increasingly necessary. We have to give employee diversity a positive impact and redound it to the company. This includes acceptance, fairness, inclusive approach and no discrimination.
In addition, flawless videos and pictures on social media are slowly becoming outdated: Authenticity and the unaltered truth is much more popular with the younger generation. It is all about humanity and humor in the posts, about transparency and communication, about natural photos and diverse individuals.

Our tip for 2020
Reach your customers on a personal level – naturally and humanly!


Social media, search engines and e-commerce: all these touchpoints collect data to provide the best customer experience. This topic was a big one last year. The new eprivacy regulations and browser restrictions are making the use of cookies more difficult. The future of digital advertising is a login-based and cookie-free business model. The challenge is to respect the data protection of users and provide data transparency and control. As the trend moves further toward control of proprietary data, companies will need to be more transparent and to return the control of the data to their users.

Our tip for 2020
Respect the privacy needs of your customers.


Although Google has not yet published that social response is included in the rankings, it seems that this will be the case in the future. Bing has already included social signals in its algorithm and Youtube is known to be the second largest search engine in the world. Meanwhile, SEO and social media belong together – social media is a validated source of new leads and income for many companies. Make Social SEO your priority in 2020! The more diverse and higher reactions you get to your social media posts, the higher your profile will be ranked in Google results.Therefore it is very important to expand your company's social media strategy and to put emphasis on responding to reactions. In addition, shopping content – including VR shopping experiences – is growing rapidly on social media platforms. Instagram is expanding its shopping function and Facebook is offering tools like messenger and groups for their customer service and community management. The complete shopping experience can be covered by social media: Search, inspiration, recommendation, selection and purchase of products as well as customer and after sales services. Social commerce is a great opportunity for many companies.

Our tip for 2020
Social commerce needs an overall strategy – for all customer interactions.


Users want to find what they are looking for – quickly and easily. For marketers, this means reaching the recipient with the right content at the optimal time. It is extremely important to know the interests as well as the demographics and geographical details of their target group. Amazon is the perfect example of personalised websites: The customer's behaviour is perfectly analysed. Based on the analytical results further products are recommended via cross-selling. Meanwhile, Google and Facebook have certain targeting options to localise the right customers for advertising content. Content personalisation is not a new trend – rather a constant one that needs to be further optimised. The same with voice search, the companies have to adapt constantly the corresponding content. In times of social media, search engines and permanent over-stimulation of digital input, consumers are quickly annoyed by content that is not tailored to their needs. Both marketers and consumers want personalised content – and the technology is ready for it. With interactive tools it is possible to create individualised and personalised customer experiences. Examples are social TV, surveys, chat offers or cross-selling but also interactive features like VR videos.

Our tip for 2020
Personalisation and individualisation. Optimise, develop and customise your content according the needs of your target groups.

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