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27. March 2020
Supermodel in home office
30. March 2020

The new STAUDACHER StatementCards

Home office, good vibes & motivation

The new STAUDACHER StatementCards are out!

Pants or no pants, children in the background and the new most popular sentence "Can you hear me?" - Yes, STAUDACHER is also in home office. Despite this challenge, we want to spread cheerfulness and positive vibes!

Your home office mood-booster!

In the current situation there are a lot of negative news, now is the time for positive vibes!
We designed a brand new edition of our STAUDACHER StatementCards. They are full of beautiful, funny, motivating statements which we all need and definitely understand very well right now. We all have some new challenges ... For example, our morning routine no longer consists of deciding WHAT pants to wear, but rather WHETHER to wear them. By the third day of home office, you are starting to think about wearing make-up or not, choosing the same sweater as the day before, and so on. Well, we all know that, no one can deny that ...

Despite our stay-home-challenge, the STAUDACHER team is still 100% capable of working and will continue to be at your side as a reliable partner.
We understand the current situation as an opportunity to continue growing, to break new ground and to make the best of it. Our daily goal is to be strong together and to support each other.
Motivation, cheerfulness, fun and passion in what we do – especially for you as our customers – this is still our top priority!

Spread good vibes, motivation & cheerfulness to friends, family or colleagues!
Just click an eCard, write your personal message and send out positives vibes!

We hope that we could give you a good start into the new week. Stay at home – positive & healthy! ❤️
Privacy policy: The data and contents entered with regard to the electronic StatementCards can neither be viewed nor saved by STAUDACHER.

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