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26. November 2020
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Chang Min Lee by STAUDACHER

Chang Min Lee by STAUDACHER

Our Art Calendar 2021– Attention: This site is as colorful as the artwork of the artist himself 🤍

Chang Min Lee's paintings are not brushwork, but thoughtful and planned compositions, preceded by many studies. Despite the gestural effect of the painting, sometimes with thick paint application, the 'brush strokes' are set in a very concentrated manner, resulting in a fresh, bold and brilliant painting, above all free of the fashionable and self-confident: So here I am – any more questions?
– Professor of Art Ralph Fleck

Why Chang Min Lee?

Most people in Nuremberg and the surrounding area know him from the "Blaue Nacht 2019" with the motto "heaven and hell". Together with his wife he offered THE highlight of the cultural event: The wonderfully artistic projection of the Nuremberg Castle. With the title 'heavenly journey' their animal paintings were beamed to the castle walls all night long.

Since then, we have been in love with the fantastic, crazy and brightly colored works of Chang Min Lee and were desperate to win him over for our 45th Art Calendar. Let us surprise and enchant you 💙


Chang Min Lee comes from South Korea and studied Arts in Seoul. Since then he has exhibited his paintings in Hong Kong, Korea, Holland, England and Germany. More than 15 years ago he moved with his wife to Nuremberg and is a master student of Professor Ralph Fleck.
🐵 🐻 🐯 🐷
He has a very special style: Chang Min Lee paints large-format wild animals, which are colorfully and bizarrely set in scene. Different monkey and bird species are present, but also bears, leopards and even pigs.

Colorful insights & fresh brushstrokes ...


Win a hand signed calendar!

Chang Min Lee was at our place and personally signed his Art Calendars

Unfortunately, the lottery has already expired.

If you are interested in the fabulous colorful art calendars, you are welcome to stop by here until 09th of January:

Galerie mit der blauen Tür
Meuschelstr. 51
90408 Nuremberg

Congratulations to our winners and have fun with the signed calendars!


For over 44 years, STAUDACHER has been supporting artists from the Nuremberg region with its Art Calendar project. The artists' original artworks and our creative and printing expertise result in a perfect symbiosis with a creative output in the form of limited annual calendars.

The project is a non-profit action to promote young artists. In Nuremberg and the surrounding area there are many artists to discover, who beautify the world with talented works ✨


Chang Min Lee's exhibition "Home" in the Galerie mit der blauen Tür until the 09th of January 2021. Here you can also buy the STAUDACHER Art Calendar. We have been at the opening event and have a few impressions for you here ...

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