Success with system

scoopSYSTEMS are scalable systems which have grown with the individual requirements of our customers, and been regularly optimised in accordance with rapidly-developing technology. This ongoing process of development makes scoop a modern full-service production platform.

We gladly adapt every single scoop system especially to suit your individual requirements and workflows.


The process manager for efficient, linked workflows.

In accordance with the motto of "order is the connection of many according to a rule", the process manager guarantees order and transparency for complex processes, obscure structures and large data sets.


The content management system for your multi-channel, cross channel and omni channel strategies.

You need a solution that guarantees during production that all information is consistent. Our scoopCMS ensures that the simultaneous availability of information is guaranteed in an equal quality for all the sales channels.


The omni-media asset manager, for optimal cross-channel media production.

Digital objects and documents occurring in a company in connection with development, production, sales and marketing, can all be administrated user-freindly, user-defined and efficient.


The content management publisher speaking and administrating more than ten languages.

Our scoopEDITO can be described using the following buzz words: user-friendly, scalable, multilingual, search engine-optimised and, in particular, efficient. scoopEDITO offers exactly what you need for your publishing processes.


Your personal public relations manager for the perfect PR presence of your products.

scoopPR administrates all your press releases, beginning with pictures, texts and advertising to audio and video files. Besides, it offers not only professional functions for the best-possible handling of your press releases; it is also a quick performer and has a visually attractive design. Usability is a huge priority here as well.


The product information management system which can do more than intelligently link product data.

Our scoopPIM system is a central module for achieving a successful multi-channel strategy. After all, you can only be successful if you provide your customer with the requested product information - which is always up-to-date - at the right time, in the right place, and in the right language and quality.