Catalogue production

We distinctively express lifestyle, emotions & technology

We understand catalogue production to be about transporting inspiring lifestyle photography onto paper on the basis of your briefing. In spite of this image philosophy, products must be closely inspected in samples and reproduced in detail, since high-quality products also deserve a high-quality presentation. A consistent "touch" is important for attracting attention with a presentation based on a rounded-off concept.

In order to ensure that everything progresses smoothly and efficiently, we support the entire production process through intelligently linked IT systems – from photography to printing and an online shop ready to take in orders.

Our services in the area of catalogue production:

  • Workflow management
  • Integrated colour management
  • Database-assisted text production
  • Data-based translation process
  • Image processing according to product samples and briefing
  • Photo composing
  • Quality management
  • Print preparation
  • Transferring image and text data to the online shop

scoopCATALOGUE – our catalogue concept for your online presence

If you wish to put your heart and soul into presenting your high-quality lifestyle catalogues to your online customers in the Internet with the same look & feel, our scoopCATALOGUE is the perfect solution. After all, high quality print productions also deserve to be sophisticatedly presented online.