Creative retouching

The accomplishment of a picture's message

Usually all it needs are little tricks to highlight the effect and the statement of a photo. Colours, patterns, backgrounds, composing and rendering – every change serves the same purpose: enhancing the expressiveness and emotional impact of a picture. We know what to do with the tools we've got. No matter whether we are correcting or creating, with a tablet or a stylus, one thing is never missing: the passion for detail.

Our services in the area of creative retouching:

  • Assessing and developing raw formats
  • Compositions from various blueprints
  • Developing modulations
  • Preparing printing data
  • Online optimisation

Beauty retouching, digital couture, post-production, composing, CGI and …

We show everything in a picture or make everything out of a picture according to our customers' wishes. Even if they don't exist (yet). When photography reaches its limit, we have the necessary experience and skills to give your products a unique, custom-made look.