Content management

Content perfectly linked

Simple, flexible, useful – this is what we understand content management to be! We will design the perfect, tailor-made solution for you, across all the channels. Some refer to it as single-source publishing, others again as media asset management – there are many names and systems … but we are only interested in one thing: finding or inventing the best suitable system for your processes and your content.

Our services in the area of content management:

  • Conceptional design of the data bases
  • Interfaces and functions for the administration area, the supplier area and the user area
  • Development of technical specifications
  • Programming data bases, applications and interfaces
  • Status management for production control
  • Planning function on an asset and a project basis
  • Developing an access system based on rights and roles
  • Screen design
  • Online previews of all the assets
  • Integration of an intelligent clustering search system
  • Programming a shopping basket function, a format selection and an asset download
  • Web service link via HTTPS requests, SOAP and WDSL
  • and much more


... this is what an intelligent content management system is for us. scoopCMS delivers the basis for us to establish a tailor-made, individually developed CMS for you and your requirements. Our scoop in-house solution can be easily, flexibly and expediently - and also cost-effectively - adapted and connected. We will gladly advise you.