Colour retouching

Perfection right down to the smallest detail

Every day we use just the right eye for detail to stage perfect visual worlds made up of millions of pixels. Our eye is used to perfect stagings nowadays, and naturally we perceive irregularities to be flaws. This effect is enhanced with high-resolution details in a wide variety of media. The right staging is more important than ever, especially in the world of fashion and lifestyle. This is why professional retouching has now become just as important as the shoots themselves.

We aim at staging motifs perfectly, and also at making them appear as authentic as possible.

Our services in the area of colour retouching

  • Post-production
  • Colour matching true to original samples
  • Composing
  • Quality management

Colour retouching is one of the core compentencies in image processing

Our specialists master all the refinements in Photoshop, in both the RGB and CMYK modes. Analysing image colours, grey balance, measuring colour values, gradation curves, inter-channel interferences, focusing planes, and selective colour adjustment are only the basic tools. Your skills lie in working out a perfect staging with an expert eye and the right instinct, and using "normal" image material to create attractive templates for a high-quality print and online presentation.