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Perspectives on print in the digital age

Perspectives on print in the digital age

Why print is still important

The internet has changed our buying behaviour. The customer journey starts no longer with push marketing messages. Customers take matters into their hands and seek out information on products, retailers, companies and promotions they wish to purchase. They select the retailer that best suits their needs. This can be an online shop as well as a stationary store. We call this changed decision-making experience "Zero Moment of Truth".

The most important moment for the final purchase decision is no longer shortly before the purchase act, it begins already with the search. No matter whether we buy a trip, furniture, beauty products or a new smartphone. Before we arrive at the "First Moment of Truth", a large proportion of us have spent a long time in the "Zero Moment of Truth". Many retailers have recognized this: The presence and number of eye-catching online advertisements is increasing enormously. For sure the retailers want to draw attention to their products and want to see the purchase decision in their shops. But the most of the ads irritate rather than delight the customers. The amount of online ads is enormous. So it should not surprise us that at the end of the day the consumer cannot recall even a tiny percent of them all. The human brain cannot absorb and digest that much information

The question is now: How can retailers manage to draw the attention of their target group to their brand, their shops and their products? We share the opinion of our successful customers that the intelligent and creative cross channels mix is the key and makes the difference. Print is of great significance in this process. It is not dead despite the increasing digitalization and can be an essential part of the solution!



Our conclusion: PRINT IS NOT OUT

Not "online versus print", but "online and print" – the solution is to combine digital and print.
Because these two worlds can enrich each other – it always depends on the right mix. The most successful companies are those that have understood this correlation and have already integrated it into their communications strategy. Of course, it should be considered which channel requires which content and how the target group can be reached with high-quality content. After all, content should be prepared and appear appropriately in each channel – offline and online. However, it becomes obvious that print and online work best together. Online and print are simply a dream team!

NOTE: Print offers depth of information, digital offers up-to-dateness – the intelligent combination of print and online is the best instrument to convince your customers.

We are happy to support you in shaping the future of media change. STAUDACHER is familiar with the challenges and mechanisms of the digital transformation. Creative, effective, innovative & cooperative – we create a custom solution across all channels suitable for the demands of you and your customers.