STAUDACHER & Social Responsibility

Supporting is always a good idea

Social responsibility and sustainability are very important to us as a company in particular. That's the reason we would like to get involved in many ways. Below you will find an overview of the past projects …

Help for refugees in Bosnia-Herzegovina

Seebrücke Nuremberg: "We all live on the same planet, breathe the same air and live off the same resources. So let's distribute them fairly!" True to this motto, Seebrücke organised a fundraising event for refugees in Bosnia-Herzegovina at Z-Bau Nuremberg in February 2021. We were there, donating STAUDACHER flash lights and needed hygiene articles of all kinds. We want to set an example and also stand up for people who have nothing left – except hope for better times.

Advent campaign - STAUDACHER supports ❤️

Not everyone in our region is privileged to have food to eat and have a roof over his/her head or to receive gifts for Christmas. STAUDACHER is therefore donating educational games for the children of the Stadtmission Nürnberg during the advent season.

A glow in children's eyes is worth so much. More info here.

Promotion of young, regional artists

Our annual art calendar project supports young artists in our region for 43 years now. We love to discover new talented artists from Nuremberg and are very happy to continue our non-profit project to support them.

You can find details about the current edition for 2021 with the talented artist Chang Min Lee here.

A tree house for the forest kindergarden "Grashüpfer"

Along with eight sponsors we contributed getting the children of the forest kindergarden "Grashüpfer" in Ezelsdorf a new tree house and a awning above the dining area.

We are happy to have given the little ones a treat!


Since the reconstruction in 2008, a photovoltaic system has been installed on our roof area for power generation. We place a high value on renewable energies and sustainable energy policy – for the sake of our environment.

Cake for the Protestant Youth

EJ-Sport of Evangelischen Jugend in Bavaria and other partners are the organisers of inclusion sport events several times a year. It is important to enable encounters between people with and without disabilities – whether they participate as athletes or supporters. This work is supported by personal and financial commitment. Events and individual athletes can be supported with the sale of drinks, snacks, coffee and cake. The enthsiasm of a large number of STAUDACHER employees has contributed significantly to the fact that cakes could be sold for fair prices.

We are very proud to have such commited employees who are also happy to have a baking session for a good purpose!